Latin name: Rubus idaeus

Variety: Willamete

It is durable plant which grows in the form of a bush. In the first year it grows up to 2 meters. Mature young plants become firmer with the onset of winter. In the second year young plants sprout more branches, bloom and bear fruit. The stalk is round, overgrown with bristly, needle-shaped thorns.

The leaves are formed in odd numbers and consist of three to five small leaves which have a long stalk. Side leaves are almost in a “sitting position” on the stalk: The upper part of the leaf is light green, the lower part is covered with thick hairs: The edges are like “cogs.” The leaves of raspberry give off a pleasant smell and the flowers are white.

The fruit is red and juicy, resembling cultivated blackberry; it has a very pleasant smell and is sweet. Raspberry is also a healing plant: The leaves and fruit whilst ripening are used for making medicine. Fruit is used for making syrup for the treatment of all illnesses characterizing fever. The leaves are used for making tea. This tea is very healthy when sterility is cured.



Raspberry plant


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